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The Society of Moses

Posted: July 27, 2013

For many years of my life I drifted from church to church determined to find a place where I 'fit'.  I eventually would find a church that I thought had potential.  I would become a regular attendee, a church member, rise in a role of leadership, become frustrated and then finally leave.  This painful and time consuming cycle caused me to question my spiritual sanity.

In time, with the help of friends, I came to realize that it necessarily wasn't my fault or even the fault of well meaning pastors and ministry leaders.  It wasn't a 'people' problem, it was a 'structure' problem.  The foundation or corner stone of what we call the 'brick and mortar' church is man, not Christ.  Thus, the current structure can not be transformed, tweaked, reprogrammed, adjusted or refined to make it more Christ-like, it is foundationally flawed.  

Sure, there are great people in the brick and mortar church, and everyday people are being saved, set free, healed, delivered and instructed but many are also being hurt, rejected, misadvised and enslaved.  The fact that a flawed system can have a positive impact attests to the power of Christ.  Positive signs do not sanction the structure as positive works do not sanction a person.  We have all met people with wonderful spiritual gifts and rotten spiritual fruit.  I want to assure you that Christ is not coming back for a church that was established by a Roman Emperor.  An Emperor, who tradition states, saw a vision of a cross in the sky and heard the words "By This Conquer".  

This leads me to The Society of Moses.  During the last month I have met some great people that seem to be in the same spiritual place that I am in.  Perhaps you will be able to relate to them also.  They have the following characteristics:

-They understand the current church structure is flawed.

-They can see that people in that structure are in bondage.

-They have a love and compassion for those still in that structure.

-They don't necessarily know how to release those people.

-They are wandering in what seems like a spiritual desert.

-Church leaders and laity have called them crazy, rebellious, trouble makers, complainers, instigators or worse and some have been ostracized.

If you can identify with these attributes, I want to whole heartedly welcome you to the Society of Moses.  You are, my friend, exactly where God wants you!  Don't lose heart, don't give up, your time is fast approaching.  Christ is preparing us for a special time in church history.  

We all know the story of Moses and how he helped transition millions of Egyptian slaves into God's promised land.  God's people were culturally acclimated to a life of slavery in Egypt, they struggled to be freed from that mindset.  And strangely, some after they were released, wanted to return to Egypt. Ultimately they did make it to the promise land.  But what about today?   For about 1700 years a pseudo church structure, established by man, has been in place.  Is it any wonder that answers to today's church problems focus on better worship, more intense preaching, fun filled youth services, or coffee in the lobby.  The root issue is never addressed.  Could it be that millions of followers of Christ have been enslaved and acclimated to a life of zombified worship?  Will there be an event that will hasten believers to awaken?

If you have a tuned ear to both the secular and saved prognosticators and prophets, you will hear predictions of another financial correction.  This one is predicted to be far worse and last far longer than previous corrections.  On the average, about 80-85% of the brick and mortar church income is used to pay for building and office expenses, church salaries and benefits.  What would happen if church giving was drastically cut?  What would happen if the pastor couldn't be paid for his/her services?  What would happen if the church mortgage couldn't be paid?  During this time, people would seek solace from the church but what condition would the church be in? Perhaps this man made structure would be unsustainable during a crises but who really knows.  The brick and mortar church has survived much in the past 1700 years and will most likely survive in some form even in times of disasters.

However I do believe that a large scale financial correction, or some other future event might be the catalyst for a significant spiritual awakening to take place. I believe those of us in The Society of Moses will be there to help transition those from a life of bondage in to a place of freedom.  We are ready to help people develop a true relationship with each other and with Christ while meeting together outside the brick and mortar church structure.   For now, enjoy your time in the desert and pray we are ready when the opportunity presents itself.

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