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Creation Of Marriage In Kenya

Posted: May 19, 2013

Kefa and his wife, Pamela
Rafiki Teryl,
The book you gave me about marriage is one a serious husband MUST read. Both Pam and myself read and then sit and discuss what we have learned. I must admit that when i reached chapter four[DIVINE ORDER] i got caught. That is the area where both of us admitted our mistakes which we inherited from our parents. My mother brought us up as a widow; we therefore did not have a father figure to help shape a husband in me. All i knew about what a husband should be like is from what i saw other men do. This has had a bearing even in my own marriage. I did not bother to read the Bible's explanation of who a man should be. My wife had a simillar problem; her mother was "incharge" and every time i challenged her she resented a lot. This book has truly helped us. We are now in chapter 5[MALE AND FEMALE]
I want to thank you very much for giving me this book. It is a reservoir of revelation which a man who loves God's way of marriage needs to read through.
Have a very blessed day.
Give Diane a hug for us.
Kefa and Pamela.

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