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Perspective By: Jonathan Rovetto

Posted: May 14, 2013

Five of us were headed to Cafe el Sol on Milwaukee's south side.  Their Latin-style fish dinner buffet on Friday nights comes complete with live Latin entertainment.  Cafe el Sol's ambience, music and food are just great!  We were driving down the highway and ran into some heavy traffic so we decided to turn off and follow Hampton Ave. to downtown Milwaukee.  Hampton Ave. goes through some pretty tough neighborhoods.  One lady in the car hadn't been down Hampton for many years and she kept making comments about how things had changed for the worse.  

I moved to Milwaukee about ten years ago and my first job had me traveling a lot of the inner city, including Hampton Avenue.  Over those ten years I've noticed many improvements and new construction going on throughout the inner city neighborhoods.  In my view, things were actually getting better!  My perspective was completely opposite from the woman, even though we were viewing the exact same thing.


What I love about Giovanni, at our house church, is that he always has a way of centering us.  I, and others, have a tendency to focus on all the negative things happening out there. The church seems to be getting a beating from all sides.  We start talking about one negative issue and it starts snowballing until we are asking the Lord to return quickly so He can remove us from this place of woe!  With a few sentences Giovanni turns it around, and we are again glad that we live in such exciting times.  

What is your perspective and how do you see life?  These are exciting times, the Lord is returning soon, we should seize this opportunity while the light still shines.

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