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Chuck King's Ministry

Posted: April 12, 2013

Frontier Harvest Ministries

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Safe Water Ministry Device Summary
By Chuck King
April 2013

Macintosh HD:Users:chuck:Desktop:Biosand.jpg
The Plastic Biosand Filter
We are currently making the plastic biosand filter only in Rwanda.  Justin Nkundabagenzi is producing as many filters each month as he can receive funding to do so.  This filter is made of the large water container, plastic pipes, fittings, and elbows, a plastic basin to pour the water through, 2 layers of stones each 2 inches thick, and a 14-inch layer of sifted sand.   Each filter costs about $70 USD and helps several families to use safe water since they can now filter their unsafe water sources:  Streams, rivers, swamps, polluted wells, and rainwater.  This filter removes between 90-99% of the bacteria, viruses, and parasites.  Everyone using the filter is now healthy!  They love drinking the clean water that also has an improved taste!  The main advantage of this filter is that all the materials can be found locally.  It is very low maintenance and should last for many, many years.  You only need to add more sand if the level drops over time. 

Macintosh HD:Users:chuck:Desktop:Sawyer.JPG
The Sawyer Filter
The Sawyer filter is made in the USA.  It costs about $50 USD each and can help several families to filter their unsafe water.  It is a simple gravity flow filter.  Just attach it to a bucket, fill the bucket, and begin to collect the clean water.  It produces one liter every 2 minutes of 99.9999 pure water, free from parasites and bacteria.  When debris begins to clog the black, fiber filter, a syringe is included to back flush the filter to blow out the dirt.  This restores the flow rate.  It should also last for many years with proper use.  But we have had some of them fail over time.  We are phasing out the use of these filters because of the advantages of the other devices. 

    Macintosh HD:Users:chuck:Desktop:Hays.JPG
The Hays Chlorine Generator
The Hays generator is an electrolysis device that chemically changes ordinary salt water (one pound of salt per 5 gallons of water or 4 caps of salt per liter bottle) into a strong disinfectant made up of chlorine, ozone, and peroxide.  It is a 12-volt system that uses either a 12-volt car battery or a 12-volt transformer to power the device to produce the solution either by the bottle or by the bucket.  A 20-watt solar panel or a 12-volt battery charger must be used to recharge the car battery after each use.   The entire system costs between $300-$350, depending upon where the batteries, solar panels, transformers, or chargers are purchased.  The Hays generator is only made in the USA and should last for many, many years, but the other equipment is readily available overseas.  The great advantage to this system is the simplicity of training (takes about one hour) and the great impact upon those needing safe water.  Each Hays generator can produce enough disinfecting solution to produce safe water for 5,000 people!  So the other devices above can only each help several families, but the Hays generator can help thousands!
If anyone wants to donate to produce either biosand filters in Rwanda or to distribute Hays generators in the many places where we serve overseas, 100% of your gifts will go into these projects.  If you help Justin to make extra biosand filters, we will see that your church or ministry initials go on those filters.  Each family is carefully trained to make sure they use the filters correctly.   



Please send your offerings to:

Frontier Harvest Ministries of Ford City, PA
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***Please designate your gifts for: Church planting, safe water projects, small animal projects, Bibles, blankets, bicycles, reading glasses, parasite medicine, flip-flop shoes, or children's gifts.***

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