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Oikos Ministries is a network of house churches that are connected through relationships working together to return to a biblical pattern of the church.

Oikos Ministries was formerly known as Community Christian Center, a traditional charismatic church that began in December of 1992 in the home of Teryl and Diane Hebert with eighteen people. Although we started in a house, back then we were still in a traditional mindset and we quickly moved into a rented building. After five location changes and non-stop building projects and three church plants, in January 2006 Community Christian Center went back into houses. 

In the thirteen years that Community Christian Center operated in the traditional congregational structure it had one saving grace, “RELATIONSHIPS”! We have always believed that the church should love God and love one another, and we used “cell groups” as our mid-week meeting to seemingly solve that foundational belief. However, we found that the church still esteemed gathering at the building on Sunday over relationships. 

In January of 2006 God revealed to us that the traditional Sunday worship service was not biblical. We then began training our elders to follow the New Testament pattern of worship found in I Corinthians 14:26-33. Next we canceled our Sunday services. The elders that formerly led cell groups began to lead house churches on Sunday mornings in their homes.  Everyone was instructed to go to a house church, some refused to make this transition but most were delighted. Now after three years (at this writing) we are still in house churches and are in the process of selling our last building. 

As of January 1, 2009, Community Christian Center will be known as Oikos Ministries. The word “oikos” is the Greek word for house. We hope that this web page will be a help and support for others on the journey out of congregational religion and into relational Christianity.

Teryl and Diane Hebert, House Church Leaders

Teryl and Diane Hebert have been serving Christ together for thirty years. In 2006 they converted their traditional charismatic church into a network of house churches.


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